Hana is a person who gets energy from the creative process and she can speak for her ideas.

Hana’s strong interest for sustainable projects, her professional background  in leading architectural projects and teaching makes her a perfect fit for socioeconomic projects.

Her curious, innovative, creative and positiv personality combined with her competence makes Hana to a keystone for Prosaveco’s key areas.

Hana joined the Team  1st of July and we welcome her warmly.



We are very pleased to welcome Lejla Radonja to our team as Company lawyer.

Lejla studied a  Business Law Program, with European Focus. She has also been part of the board of ELSA Sweden (European Law Studen Association) and held the position of the Vice President of Moot Court Competitions.

Most important is Lejlas personality and her dedication to be a fundamental part in our international socioeconomic projects. Her understanding of the complexed regulations, permissions and strategies in our international business, makes her a unvaluable asset to Prosaveco.

Lejla’s team membership starts  4th of June, and we are really looking forward seeing her onboard.



We are pleased to welcome Tom Schulz to our Team.

Tom has an affinity for blue economy and especially the beauty of aquaponics. He started to work with Science Park in Jönköping to create an aquaponic business idea. What really fascinated him were the characteristics of the system itself and the possible synergies related to aquaponics. Parallelly, he wanted to gain a deeper understanding of administrative processes and started to work as a qualified administrator at the Swedish authority SwAM.

He has an international law degree, and he attended a new Master’s Program called Sea and Society at Gothenburg University.

Tom’s background, his entrepreneurial side as well as his personality are vital in his role as Project Manager. Tom’s position is one of the cornerstones in our Competence Center regarding aquaponic and other water projects in Latin America.



Aquaponics integrates aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless plant farming) to mimic the natural process of the ecosystem and turn fish waste and by-products into food for bacteria and then into plant fertilizers. The plants will then filter and purify the water back into the fish tank.

Prosaveco will investigate and study the possibilities to install Aquaponic systems in combination with the ComEnCool project in Latin America.

We are planning to install a test site in Q3-Q4 2022.



Prosaveco is involved in the development of a new  furniture trademark. BV Interior represents environment friendly products with very high quality, Swedish design and materials from nature.
The ambition is to introduce BV Interior in Europa, North and South America. Production and assembling are planned to be in Europa and Mexico.
We are looking at try to save as much time and environment as possible. Even if the design is coming from of Sweden, we will save transport time and costs by sending the production files to Mexico. Then Production and assembling can be made close to market.
BV Interior will be a possibility to exchange knowledge and knowhow in this industrial cooperation.



Europe – Sweden


Åke Sandlund